Why Chimpanzees are not Good Pets? Interesting facts about Chimpanzees

Why Chimpanzees are not Good Pets

Humans and chimpanzees are the two species or types of apes who have lived on earth for an extended period. However, the modern human being is superior to the Chimpanzee. There are various similarities between these two apes. Human beings and Chimpanzees have some differences in their physical structures, behavior, diet, habits, health status, and other aspects. According to the latest research, human beings are genetically closer to Chimpanzees than any other animal on earth.

Even though there are many genetic differences between the two, one thing remains true – they both are members of the Apes family and share various similarities too. Chimpanzees are very smart therefore is many people think they can be good pets. But in our Chimpanzees are not pets, let’s find out why –

Why Chimpanzees are not Good Pets?

The first thing is chimpanzees are very different from other animal pets like cats and dogs. It would be best if you never kept chimpanzees as pets because they are not domestic animals. Many people believe that baby Chimpanzees are cute, so they can play with them and easily raise them. Baby Chimpanzees are incredibly cute and very good at interacting with humans. But the reality is often disappointing you cant raise Chimpanzees just like other pets.

They grow significantly faster, and their unique intelligence makes it difficult to live with humans. According to some studies, by the age of five, Chimpanzees can become stronger than adult humans. Chimpanzees are wild animals, so it will be challenging to make them stay in the house when they grow up.

Primary reasons why Chimpanzees are not Good Pets

Chimpanzees are hard to take care of; for example, you have to feed them various diets to make them healthy. An adult Chimpanzee can be twice much more muscular as an adult human. They have brilliant intelligence; therefore, they get bored easily, which can lead to destructive behavior. Chimpanzees also need a big place to stay, and you also have to dedicate your time to being with them. Many people are not able to do these things to build a good relationship with chimpanzees.

Are Chimpanzees illegal to Own?

Chimpanzees are the most intelligent creature on earth after humans. But that does not mean they behave like humans, and they are dangerous wild animals. Therefore. in most countries, you can’t have Chimpanzees as a pet because they are wild and can harm humans and other properties. India, the United States, United kingdom are a few of those counties where you can’t keep Chimpanzees as pets. But if you live in Texas, Kansas, Idaho, and Alabama states of the USA, you can own a chimpanzee legally.

Are chimpanzees dangerous to humans?

Are chimpanzees dangerous to humans?

According to research, chimpanzees are very destructive animals and are 1.5 times more potent than normal human beings. In the past, there are many cases when chimpanzees had attacked humans and especially children. Chimpanzees had also killed many children in the last several years.

A report by national geographic says, in 2014, one woman was working in a yard with her four children, then a chimpanzee took one 2-year-old child; first, he broke his arm and took his kidneys from the stomach, and then left the child. The child died on the way to the hospital. Although these are pretty rare cases, chimpanzees biting the finger of people are quite normal. Now you know how dangerous is a chimpanzee?

Has a Chimpanzee ever killed a human?

In the last 5-6 years, chimpanzees attacked many times on humans and especially children. Since 2014 they had killed five people, only in Uganda. The famous case of chimpanzees attacking and killing humans was in 2004 when a chimpanzee named Travis killed his owner’s friend and destroyed her body in many parts. But why is this case famous? Because Travis was not a common chimpanzee, he was a trained animal actor and appeared in some television shows and commercials. You can learn a lesson from this incident: once a wild animal, always a wild animal, no matter how much you have trained them.

If you brought a chimpanzee as a kid and trained him, they might not attack you on anyone until they grow up. But once chimpanzees grew up many times, they messed up without any reason. Remember previous examples; please don’t interact with any of your pets or any other human with him because they become more wild and violent as they grow up. We have seen many times chimpanzees attacking the owner’s friends or other animals.

Interesting facts about Chimpanzee

Now we know that Chimpanzees are not good pets to stay with humans. But as they are mostly closer to us in terms of physique and intelligence, there are many interesting facts about chimpanzees that maybe you don’t know. Here is the list of the 8 Best interesting facts about Chimpanzees.

Human Chimpanzee DNA Similarity

Chimpanzees and humans are looks almost the same, and their body is also same as humans. Therefore, scientists compare Chimpanzees’ DNA with humans, and the results are shocking. Chimpanzees and Humans share a surprising 98.8 percent of their DNA. The reason behind so much similarity is that Millions of years ago, humans and chimpanzees were single ancestor species.

But here, one question arises if we share so much DNA with Chimps, then why don’t they behave like humans. That is because each cell in our body contains 3 Billion pairs of information, so, therefore, that 1.2% of DNA difference makes a massive impact on our behavior and thoughts.

Difference between Human and Chimpanzee Brain

Difference between Human and Chimpanzee Brain

Chimpanzees perform many physical and emotional activities, same as human beings like they walk like us, they use tools to make work easy, and chimps are also good problem-solvers. But it comes to the brain; the human brain is almost three times bigger than a chimpanzee’s brain. The human brain’s average weight is 1352 grams, whereas a chimpanzee’s average weight of the brain is 384 grams. Chimpanzees are incredibly intelligent, but their brains are not as much developed as humans. If we train them properly, they can do many things.

Despite the four million-year age difference, humans and chimpanzees are close relatives. They share similar traits—nervous systems, gamete production, social organizations, sleep patterns, even warlike behaviors. However, there are many ways we differ from our closest biological relatives.

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